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May 4, 2017
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April 20, 2018
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Title: Fjorgyn: The Deep Below
Series: Fjorgyn #2
Published by: RJ Castiglione
Release Date: 7/31/2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 306

After a hair-raising flight from Elatha, Michael and his allies find themselves holed up in a remote region in Fjorgyn, surrounded by potential enemies. They must rid themselves of the threat of an unfriendly horde of goblins while they discover the reasons behind a dire threat in the forested realm around them. They must do all this while feeling alone and abandoned in this harsh world.

Although he wants nothing more to do with going underground and constantly fighting for his life, the threat of a pursuing Elathian army headed by the cruel king, Ankou Levent, requires Michael jump into action to protect his allies, his friends, and Clifford, the man he loves.

It isn't long until they hear rumors of a demonic beast plaguing the countryside, corrupting harmless creatures and bending them to its will. Michael leaps into action to protect his allies and to discover the sinister secret behind this beast's sudden arrival.

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Clifford and Wrane pushed open a set of inner doors leading into the great hall. Two long and broken tables ran along the sides of the chamber with broken and decayed benches lining them. Plates littered the tables, some containing mummified heaps of black mold. The stench of it all burned my throat and brought tears to my eyes.

"It smells like a pile of sliced onions in here," I said to Clifford, who had already covered his nose and mouth to block the fetor and decay.

I stumbled over a heap of a skeleton on the floor. Looking around more, I realized the chamber was littered with the bones of the dead. The idea of being surrounded by so many corpses sent shivers down my spine, and I took a few steps backward into Wrane who cried without regard to the rest of us. Her four soldiers wore a cold expression as though someone had just broken their hearts.

"Wrane, what happened here?" I whispered to her.

"I only girl at time Uplark rebellion. As I say, Klandar forgets most." Her already yellow skin turned a shade of brown as she gagged at the sights and smells around us.


A quiet gong interrupted the silence. The orange torches on the walls flickered out of existence to be replaced with green, ghost-like flames that burned quietly.