C.H. Knyght — A Haunting of Words (AHOW) Author Interview

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September 1, 2017
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Today author C.H. Knyght takes over my page with a discussion about her short story, “The Last,” appearing in the anthology A Haunting of Words.

“The Last” is a twisted tale of a monster hunting an innocent. With her whole family taken one-by-one, Marie fears for her very existence as the hunter returns one last time; for her soul.

What was your inspiration to write this story? I was inspired to write The Last during a weekend challenge set during the Writer’s Games, run by the Writer’s Workout. The Last fell one place shy of a winning entry, so I was free to edit, polish, and make it the best it could be. It was ready for a home and found it in AHOW.

How long have you been writing? I have been writing since I was a young teenager. I was always a bookworm and my dad encouraged me to write.

What genres do you most associate with your writing? Fantasy is my broad genre of choice, but anything with magic or a supernatural mystique might come from my pen.

What are you working on right now? I am currently participating in the Writer’s Games for the third year; won a round too. My main project is getting my novel, Nightvision, ready for self-publishing. I hope it will be released by the next end of summer depending on edits and illustrations.

What else do you have published? This is my first released story. More to come soon though!

What advice do you give to new authors? Don’t stop. One word after another. Look what you have accomplished, not what you have left to do.



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