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“The Jonathan of Bracken Manor”
March 27, 2017
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April 20, 2017
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My dear readers, for whom I am ever grateful,

As you may know, I am working first and foremost on producing the second release of the Fjorgyn series.  I will be working heavily on this work with other authors in the LitRPG Society during April’s iteration of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  In fact, we already have a sprint cycle established.  In the meantime, please enjoy this sample from chapter 1.  Do not read further if you haven’t finished book 1.  This scene takes place when our beloved Michael meanders through Brackenvale Keep the evening after their escape from Elatha, his mana pool beyond depleted from Nila sucking an unknown source of mana out of his body.


Abandoning the manor house, I walked along the east side of the keep towards the dungeon entrance. The wall was more visible here, stone structures giving way to open grass. The must and rank of the village also faded, replaced by a sweet and earthy smell. This part of the keep had once served as a garden. Now, untamed trees rose out of beds of moon grass and various flowers. I laid down on the grass here, near the stump of silver birch. The light of the moon danced through the swaying branches above. A feeling of melancholy swept over me like the wind encompassed the tree.

“Vindur, I could really use you right now. You have left too early,” I said to the sky.  I thought back on the first thing I met when I resurrected.  While he was first a crow, I grew fond of him as a lemur.  He was my guide and friend and left me only when he felt I was ready enough to stand on my own, having reconciled the differences between Fjorgyn: Online and Fjorgyn, the very real world I now called home.

Nothing and no one responded. I could do for my lemur friend. While I was used to running a company, I’ve never once had to lead an entire village.

Stay tuned for more samples.  I will reveal as many as I feel comfortable with while not spoiling anything about the story.

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