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March 31, 2017
Fjorgyn Book 2 Progress update and preview
May 23, 2017
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While many of you know I am currently working on Fjorgyn: The Deep Below as a part of NaNoWriMo April 2017, I have more projects in my pipeline that are in various stages of production and development.  My plan is for all of these to see the light of day in 2017 and 2018:

Fjorgyn: Voices of Revolution (Book 3).  This will be a continuation of the series and I am hoping to have this released in Autumn 2017, although this is subject to change.

When Mountains Weep. This is a third person, past tense story about Adam, a young man who escapes his abusive boyfriend by fleeing from Atlanta, GA to Maui.  On the island, Adam helps his aunt rebuild her guest house in Lahaina Town while rediscovering both the island he loves and his own self-worth.  This story is a modern fantasy/romance.

Healer in the Mist.  This story is a side-project of mine that I drummed up with the help of my husband.  It follows Dr. Benjamin Montgomery, a young doctor about to start his career in his uncle’s medical group.  Instead of starting the job, his uncle demands he gains some primary care, small town experience and he is sent to Chivington’s Folly, an island off the coast of Maine.  Once he arrives on Chivington, strange things begin to happen and even stranger behavior is observed in his patients and acquaintances.  This story tells the adventure of Benjamin getting to the bottom of the mystery that is Chivington’s Folly.  This is a modern fantasy.

Temple in the Wood.  This future-fantasy story follows Adam, a young initiate of the order of the High Keepers and Casper, a medic, in a world plagued by endless waves of blights and scourges.  The realm in question has been encompassed for hundreds of years by a near-impenetrable forest.  Only those of the order of keepers can chart the hidden paths and guide survivors of the calamity between surviving destinations.    Our two heroes find themselves caught up in a dark conspiracy, where crude and evil men were capturing keepers in an attempt to harness their powers and lay waste to the surviving settlements.  The conspiracy leads them to Wall, the only large city to survive the forest-blight.

Anyhow.  These are what I have in my queue.  Stay tuned for my next releases (Fjorgyn: The Deep Below and “The Jonathan of Bracken Manor” to be included in Scout Media’s A Haunting of Words, coming in the July timeframe.

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