Author of LGBT, fantasy, contemporary speculative fiction, and LitRPG/Gamelit

RJ Castiglione has been creating fantasy and contemporary stories since 2017 when he first released book one of the Fjorgyn LitRPG series. Since then, he has expanded his releases to include Steamtown Chronicles, a Gamelit novella serial, and has been published in Scout Media's "Of Words" anthology with the inclusion of "The Jonathan of Bracken Manor."

In 2016, RJ and his husband relocated from Boston to Rhode Island, where he works from home managing RJ Castiglione Books, traveling across the state of Rhode Island to meet with and sign paperback copies for his most appreciated readers, and writing stories for his readers to enjoy.

RJ is an avid reader and gamer, but he most enjoys traveling with his husband to various destinations around the world to seek inspiration for future stories.

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