Steamtown Chronicles 1: The Dark Market

Delmen MacDougall lives a relatively comfortable life for a dwarf in Steamtown. He has his enchanting shop, his flat, and his health. He even has a friend. All he needs to do is follow Governor Law's mandates to the letter. Non-citizens of Steamtown, called travelers, don't make sticking to the mandates easy. They rob him. They kill him, forcing him to resurrect. They hurl insults at him, calling him an "NPC," whatever that is.

When one traveler attacks his only friend in the world, Delmen eagerly abandons his mandates and fights back. He earns himself a bounty that forces him to hide underground. Now a fugitive, Delmen must do everything in his power to gain his freedom again, and that means fighting to clear his bounty. The alternative, being captured by the guards and locked up in Steamtown Stockades for the rest of his life, is not an option.