Sunset Sanctuary (M/M Adventure)

Adam Frost is tired of doing what he does best: running away.

Sometimes, though, he has good reason. After Adam's ex-boyfriend’s rage lands him in the hospital, Adam flees Atlanta rather than facing him in court. Returning to his childhood home on Maui, Adam focuses on helping his aging aunt save her run-down bed and breakfast while piecing himself back together.

And although he isn’t looking for love again, he finds a kernel of it in Calder Wright, a handsome gym teacher from the other side of the island, whose patience and confidence spark a sense of self-worth in him. Calder accepts that Adam is damaged, and still sticks around.

When his ex-boyfriend follows him to Maui with murderous intent, Adam feels he’s losing control all over again, but he doesn’t want to run this time. He wants to stay and save the life he’s built for himself. And he begins to suspect that even the island wants him to stay as well.